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Orthopaedic Surgery

The advanced technology treatment of the orthopaedic department at Shahi Hospital in Patna, completely trained staff, polite speaking nurses, specialist doctors related to bone problems, sports accidents, joint ache, joint substitute, fractures, joint replacement and many more. The sanatorium is full of professional orthopaedics in Patna. All treatment is given to patients underneath eager remarks on the use of superior technologies and techniques. The health center is equipped with a C-arm which enables orthopaedic surgeons to diagnose the illness from the root and treat it exactly. A committed bone and joint surgery modular operation theatre having pc-assisted navigation surgical procedure. This is Shahi Hospital procedure of treatment, patients go to the health facility on a daily basis to check the joints and bones. The expert team of orthopaedics, rheumatologists, anesthesiologists and physiotherapists brief the recovery method to the patient on what exercises, self-care, diet, what works they have to avoid. Each and every part our doctors tell to the patients.

orthopaedic surgery

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